Hair touching hitchhikers

I live in the middle of nowhere.  Literally.  Every day I drive across mountains, alongside the sea and through a couple of seriously old villages.   Daily obstacles include goats, donkeys and occasional falling rocks.  There’s nothing quite like a roller coaster ride to ensure you’re wide awake and ready to annoy colleagues.

Recently I was driving to the office when two local women flagged me down. I’m not sure who was more surprised, me for stopping or them when they saw me.   I’m sure it’s not everyday that a spiky haired, tattooed and pierced woman stops for hitchhikers in a village where people still carry heavy materials on their head and sticks to beat goats from trees.


I’m positive that even if I did know Arabic I wouldn’t have a clue what these women were asking of me but I did hear the name of the town I was going to a few times.  I figured it’d make a change to travel with people who may or may not want to kidnap me, kill me or turn me into a goat herder.  Kinda makes the journey exciting dontcha think?

The extent of our communication:

Villagers:  English?

Me:  Yes.

Villagers:  How are you?

Me:  Fine.

Repeat above at least twenty times during the forty minute journey

My could-be murderers spent the entire time screeching whilst waving a piece of paper in my face to explain their destination.  They eagerly searched through my packed lunch, fiddled with the radio stations, AC and electric windows and I ended up driving them miles out of my way making me late for work…

The best bit by far has to be the woman in the passenger seat who constantly leant across to touch my spiky hair whilst giggling and encouraging the back seat passenger to do the same!

It was definitely an interesting start to the day and now I have two friendly goat herders who frantically wave at me every time I pass through their village.  I LOVE this country!


About Politely Insulting

I'll be writing random stories about family, friends and unsuspecting peeps.
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15 Responses to Hair touching hitchhikers

  1. Anne Nash says:

    Sounds just like you to do a “hair” brained thing like picking up two unknowns. Easy seen you have been away from here for some time. Please think of me when you do such “hair” raising things. I love you xxx

  2. brian miller says:

    haha what a treat….it is def a risk giving a ride but to meet these characters it might have been worth it…lol…i have given a few rides in my day…though the sketchy ones always had to ride in the truck bed…

  3. Frangelina says:

    I have an amusing vision of an Arabic blogger, probably named Bedouin Blogspot, writing all about the experience from their point of view….

  4. Gosh what a fantastic story. Tell me do you know any ‘normal’ people? ROFL
    Pity you do not understand Urdo or whatever it is because you could have sold then the idea of letting your barber friend loose on their hair LOL

  5. Thanks for popping by so I could find your fabuloso blog_ I travelled by myself through the Middle East for five months and loved the heat the people and everything about it. That sign is a classic. However, after being bought up in NZ in nowhere town (we had another word for it which cannot be repeated on a family blog) I nowadays need to be close to the stores… I am weak…

  6. llcooljoe says:

    I have a blonde spiky mohawk and brown shaved sides and back, and not one person has try to touch my hair. I’m jealous. 😉

  7. Akelamalu says:

    LOL love it! You now have two new friends. 🙂

  8. Keith Wynn says:

    LOL this sounds like it was quite an entertaining venture. Makes for a great story to tell throughout the years 🙂

  9. When they wave at you now, they probably want another wild ride with you!

  10. Rob says:

    Another great hair story! Extremely funny! Is it a cultural thing – the acceptability of touching a stranger’s hair? Here (U.S.) people think it is okay to touch pregnant bellies. I always wonder why. Personal space mean anything to anyone?

    I love that you stopped to give the two women a ride, and made new friends – even if you can’t communicate beyond a wave 🙂

    Goats in trees? Is that real or are you just trying to see if I’m paying attention?

    So glad I found your blog.

  11. berniewood55 says:

    You are brave – glad you enjoyed your new found friends but please be careful. Big hugs, xo

  12. And you know they told the story to everyone back at home.

  13. I pick up people in town all the town..lucky my middle of nowhere is West, Texas where I pretty much know one I’m the crazy lady that parked on railroad tracks while a train was coming to rescue a turtle, or the crazy lady with the Obama and Pagan bumper stickers, or the crazy lady that has that damn liberal left wing blog..or ‘jackie.’..

  14. joannajenkins50 says:

    Woo-Hoo!!!! You’re baaaaack. I’m so happy you stopped by to let me know. and I’m thrilled you’re back blogging again. I love your writing and can’t wait to hear more.
    xoxo jj

  15. VEGGIE says:

    Dude, those ladies were after an Arabic style orgy. Clothed of course. Also, only you can attract every insane person on Earth. Well done!

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